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NBA Computer Picks and Parlays


The 78th season of the National Basketball Association commenced in October of 2023, and ZCode is the best place to get your computer picks and/or parlays. Stick around for a couple of minutes and we'll show you exactly why.

The last season ended with a bang for ZCode VIP members, with win rates averaging 60% and above. Members have the option of choosing NBA computer-generated picks, or following experts, who number a myriad on the platform. Take a look below.

Let's take a look at one of our NBA automated systems with flat bets.

NBA computer picks
NBA stats.png

This is one of the 45 NBA automated systems that you can find in the ZCode VIP member's area. As you can see, this system got a 67% win rate for flat bets. 67 wins, and 33 losses. The longest W/L streak was 15 wins, and 4 losses.

NBA system stats.png

The next one is for NBA against the spread picks specifically.

The next automated system is known as the NBA Underdog Spread system.

NBA against the spread picks
NBA ATS results.
NBA ATS yellow.png

Not too shabby either, right ? 62% win rate. 355 wins. 207 losses. 6 pushes. Longest W/L streak with this one was 8 wins & 6 losses.

The ZCode VIP system isn't just about computer-generated NBA picks. You can also find a myriad experts on there all giving their picks. Before we continue, let's introduce the actual system to you. Take a look at the video below.

press play.png

How much for all this, you may ask ? A measly $49 ! This comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Let's now take a look at some of the NBA expert picks within the ZCode VIP member's area. Interested in parlays ? Those are there too. In fact, it's a daily occurrence!

One of ZCode's famous cappers (experts) is a fella who goes by Gergely. He dabbles in NBA picks, NHL, MLB, and soccer picks too. He's also known for daily parlays. Take a look at some of his plays.

Gergely NBA parlay1.png
Gergely NBA parlay2.png
Gergely NBA parlay3.png
Gergely NBA parlay4.png

I guess you can't win every day !


Only $49 per month. Cancel any time.

Now let's move onto Kelvin, another capper on ZCode who had a pretty solid 2021-22 season, capping it off with 110W-74L.

Kelz NBA.png

From 7 units in January...

Kelz NBA2.png

To 21 units in March...

Kelz NBA3.png

To 43 units with the culmination of the season.

Should you decide to create your own picks, ZCode VIP offers you a plethora of tools and materials to help you with your selections. Here is an example of a game analysis within the Member's Area.


Let's take a look at this game between the Bucks and the Bulls from April 22nd, 2022.

The percentage bar at the top shows a strong possibility of a Bucks victory.

A -2.50 against the spread pick recommendation for Milwaukee was given.

The projection for the game going Under 222.5 was a respectable 56%.

The TTU for the Bucks was set at 112.5.

Do you want to see what the final outcome of this game was ?

  • The spread pick cashed.

  • The Under cashed

  • The ML cashed

  • The TTU pick cashed too.

Now, does this happen all the time ? Of course not, or else we'd all be billionaires ! Guess what though ? It happens frequently ! 49 bucks a month can make you experience such.


You can get your NBA picks delivered to you thanks to the Line Reversals app.

Watch now_edited.png

Don't forget that your monthly subscription gives you access to several tools that you can use to your advantage!

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