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Football Tips & Bets With ZCode's Soccer Buddy Tool

In search of a football tipster, or bets for today, or this weekend maybe ? Look no further. You're on the right page !

We cover virtually every league on the planet, on every continent, including the ones you don't know !

Fooball tipster with ZCode.

Introducing ZCode Expert (Football) Tips ! We have a plethora of tools for football betting fans such as yourself, so accord me a couple of minutes of your time in order to get you acquainted. Let's go !

Introducing the Soccer Buddy !

ZCode's Soccer Buddy Tool was developed as recently as 2020, and it analyzes more than 80 parameters from past games in order to come up with more accurate predictions for you ! You get options such as 1H Over 0.5 goals, BTTS (both teams to score), Exact Score, 2H Over 0.5 goals, & possible draws. Let's jump into some previous results.

First-half goals for football betting.

How do you play 1H Over 0.5 bets ? Easy. Wait until 10-15 into the first half, and the odds have reached 1.5 to place your bet. If a goal is scored within that 10-15 time frame, don't place the bet. Simple. This method has a very high win rate !

2H goals.png

This is for 2H Over 2.5 goals, and the strategy is the same as for 1H goal betting.

Before we continue, you need to know that you can grab all these winning football betting tips for a mere $49 a MONTH only! That's about 43 quid for you UK peeps !


Some of you like playing BTTS bets, and the ZCode Soccer Buddy has you covered with that too....

BTTS is a popular bet for football.

Let's take a look at a couple of videos that will give you an introduction to the Soccer Buddy, and how it can help you win big with your football betting tips !

Next we have the ZLive Bot. The name itself already suggests what it does, provide live bets ! With ZCode you have the option of making your own football bets, or just following the picks given to you. The ZLive Bot doesn't just give live football bets, but also in other sports.

ZLive bot for football betting.
ZLive results.png

ZCode also has several experts who specialise in football/soccer bets, posting multiple times throughout the day. You can get live bets, parlays (accumulators/acca's), and pre-game bets as well! Just pick your favourite, and follow them in order to receive your football tips. ZCode has a dedicated app where you can receive all your football tips straight on your smarphone !

Sports betting app.
More picks
More parlays

Click the images to see more.

Let me show you a little trick that you can use with the Line Reversal tool within the ZCode system. Let's look at a game between Hajduk and Dragovoljak, from the Croatian league, that took place on the 29th of April, 2022. If you look at the line movement in the image below, you can see a couple of sharp line movements in favour (the green arrows) of Hajduk. When you see this, you can place a bet such as TTO 0.5, 1-3 goals, 1-4 goals, etc... This means there's a high chance of the team scoring at least ONE goal. 

Line Reversal Tool from ZCode.

Now, it's worth noting that the odds for such bets aren't very high, so it is best to use them in accumulators (parlays). You'll typically get 1.05-1.30 odds, so betting a single ticket for such is rather pointless. So, there you go, you just got a small football accumulator (acca) tip today. All that's left is for you to sign up for ZCode! Oh, the final score for the Croatian game was 2-1 to Hajduk. Easy win.

For only $49/mo, you can access all of this - AND MORE ! Cancel anytime. No questions asked. 60-day money back guarantee.

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