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MLB Expert Picks & Parlays

The 2023 MLB season came and went, and ZCode delivered some of the best MLB expert picks in the industry! The 2024 MLB Spring Training commenced on February 22nd, and the regular season started on March 28th. Ready for winning MLB picks ?

Get MLB (Over/Under, Against The Spread, 1st 5 innings, and Moneyline) expert picks for today, and parlays right here.

Introducing ZCode Expert MLB picks! Get daily picks from either the experts, or an automated system(s). Let's dive right into it.

You can choose to either create your own picks, or follow the experts.

MLB betting

Here we have an example of a commentary section for the game between the Royals and the Twins. You have the team status, pitcher info, streak, point spread bet, Power Rank, and so much more. How you choose to utilize this information is up to you. 

game comm.png

You also get additional information such as the point spread forecast, whether the game is expected to go Over/Under, Total Team figures, and whether there's the possibility of a sweep or not. 

Commentary picks.png

At the bottom of each game is a comments section where a couple of experts can then insert their picks for the MLB game. You are free to comment as well, or just 'Like' it.

If you don't want to analyze all the parameters for making your own MLB picks, you can simply choose one of the experts to follow. Picks come out daily, and throughout the day too. You can get flat bets, progression bets, teasers, and parlays as well.

MLB picks
MLB bets
MLB plays
Baseball picks
Power MLB bets
MLB betting

Click the boxes to expand.....

Interested ? I bet you are ! Now, onto the question that's probably on your mind. What's your record ?? Take a look at the images below. 

The following are from automated systems, featuring progression bets for MLB, as well as flat bets.

Edis MLB Underdog System
Edis System
Edis streak

Let's take a look at another MLB progression bets system, shall we ? Remember, all these are computer picks for MLB.

Loic System
Loic System
Loic streak

Now onto a computer MLB betting system with flat bets....

Razputin Pro System
Razputin MLB System

Now, you're probably asking yourself how much all this is going to set you back, right ? Prepare to be shocked ! You get MLB expert picks for the day, either from a computer-generated automated system, or from the myriad experts we have within the ZCode community. Or even yourself ?! Who knows ?

All this for the paltry sum of only $49 a month ! Yes, you read that right. 50 bucks.

there's more_edited.png

I haven't been 100% honest with you, but fear not. With that $49 a month, you get expert sports picks for ALL other sports too, and not just MLB bets. You read that right. NBA, NFL, NHL, soccer (football bets), KHL, you name it. As long as it's there, you're covered.

Now, let's show you what one of the ZCode MLB Picks Expert was able to achieve last year.

He started off on June 15th with 4 picks. 2 wins & 2 losses for just over 1 unit gained.

MLB expert picks from ZCode.

3 days later, and we're on 5 units gained with 9 wins & 4 losses.

Kelz MLB 2.png

Fast-forward to the beginning of July, and you get the following results.

Kelz MLB 3.png

Losses are inevitable, right ? We're still at a respectable 62% win rate, with almost 11 units gained about 2 weeks later.

Kelz MLB 4.png

Two months later we're approaching 20 units !

Kelz MLB 5.png

A month later, and we're at almost 90 wins, plus we've crossed the 20-unit mark.

Kelz MLB 6.png

The 2023 MLB season culminated with a respectable (and possibly industry all-time high) 62% and almost 25 units from these MLB expert picks !

Kelz MLB 7.png

The 2024 MLB season is already underway, with the Spring Training sessions having recently ended. As you can see, you get all types of  picks for MLB; against the spread, moneyline, and Over-Under ! Lock in your subscription for the 2024 MLB expert predictions like the ones you just saw above....for a mere $49/mo

N.B. Have a look at the incredible ZCode Line Reversal Tool in action for MLB picks !

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