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Online Sports Betting With ZCode VIP

Winning Picks & Tips!

All leagues covered worldwide !

NBA picks available.
MLB picks
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Introducing Zcode VIP Club, one of the best sites for sports betting !

The world's first & only sports betting community of experts who WIN in sports, year in and year out ! Since 1999 !

A plethora of tools (such as the famous Z-Code Line Reversals) at your disposal to assist you in selecting your picks, should you choose to make your own.

Your membership covers ALL the sports contained within the Zcode VIP Club, and there are lots of them ! Cancel anytime. No questions asked.

Don't gamble. Trade sports !

Let's show you the Zcode sports betting community.
Live betting
Scores Predictor
Scores Predictor
Zcode Scores Predictor
Zcode Wall
Line Reversal Tool
MLB bets
NBA win record.
NBA wins

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At this point you're probably wondering how much all this is going to cost. What's your guess for quite possibly one of the best sports betting sites on the planet ? $300 a month ? $250 ? Taking into account all the tools  (and training) you will get. Well, it's nowhere near that !


For only $149 a month, you get to use the service for as long as you desire.


Don't forget that you're getting a full year of uninterrupted sports picks from some of the best experts on the planet.....for that measly $149 !


Now that you've seen some of the results one can expect from being a ZCode VIP member, let's see just a handful of the thousands of testimonials from clients.

ZCode VIP testimonial.
Zcode testimonials.
Testimonial from Arithmerick on ZCode.
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